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Some help needed

I've been reading all the messages of amsat'mailing lists and i'm looking 
forwards to start doing the birds, 'cause i had never do it before... So 
i've got some simple questions that are trivial for you, but i'm just 
starting now...
My resources are: i've got Nova, for tracking the sats, but the only thing 
i know is when they're arising... i don't know the meaning of the 
elevation, the degrees and the other stuff...i don't know if that's good or 
what... I've got, also, an HT - the FT11R from Yaesu. As far as i know it 
can work some birds (including the MIR) and the antenna X-300 (Diamond) 
with a gain of 6.5 dB.

I think i have the resources for starting my self in the sats, but i don't 
know how! Can this do the job??

I would like, also, some advice from you about usefull software and 
home-brew antenna that i can build for better results.

Thanks in advance

73's to you

Tiago, CT2HDT
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