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Re: so35

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> Hummh... if the signal is too strong for a HAM to override, then tones
> will not help. 

It's not exacly that. We are talking about earth intruders, using
mostly mobile/fixed equipment together with vertical/omni antennas. 
Due rx high sensivity these signals are easily picked and relayed. 
If a "standard AO-10 station" is used, there is no problem. But if
the amateur station is using the same kind of equipment the intruder
is, then there is a "unexpected competetion" problem.

Another point is the fact of the satellite transponder is continuously
broadcasting "something". Beside wasting valuable power budget in uselss
way for ham comunity, it reduce qso rate. A regular pass is usualy 
something like this:

INT- Hola Paco... que passa hombre???
HAM2- QRZ. Again your call???
INT- ...bueno hoy el dia... blablabla
HAM1- My call is CT1XXX, I repeat CT1XXX
INT- ... vale, vale... te comprendo. Blablabla
HAM2- Ok. I got it CT1XyX. My call is DL1ZZZ
INT- ... que no, te digo que no! Y mas...blablabla
HAM1- Ok DL1ZZZ Please correct my call. My call is CT1XXX
INT- ... que calor hace, hombre. blablabla
HAM2- Ok CT1XXX I got your call this time...

I think you all by now got the picture!
Of course the above depends a lot of the operator experience.
But one thing is sure: it's very confusing to do the qso in
that circustances. And anoying!
That's the kind of problems I think Tone/DTMF could minimize,
if not fix!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. According an email I received two furure amateur sat's will
     use that kind of device. Why not wait and see???
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