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Amsat-UK Colloquium

The 14th AMSAT-UK Colloquium will be held at Surrey University, Guildford, 
Surrey, U.K., from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th July 1999. There will also be 
the usual social events including: Command Station visits, the Annual Dinner 
and Auction, Amsat-UK annual meeting, and other light-hearted fun. There will 
also be beginners' sessions (see below) and the RSGB microwave guys will be 
bringing test equipment (noise figure measurements 10 MHz to 1500 MHz, and 
other equipment for tests up to 47 GHz). 

You do not have to be a member of Amsat-UK to come to this event.

Colloquium Application Forms were sent out recently but, if you're not a 
member, an SAE to the Secretary, G6ZRU, (snail-mail address below) will get 
you a form mailed now; it is also now available on Amsat-UK's web pages 
which are at the following URL:   http://www.uk.amsat.org/

Prices are reduced this year; day visitors can do it on UK Pounds 10 per day 
(about US$ 15) without lunch and the whole event (three days, two nights,
and meals) comes to UK Pounds 138 (about US$ 214) as long as you don't want 
the plushest accommodation. 

Mail the forms to the Amsat-UK Office (below) NOT to UoS. As usual, attendees 
will receive a free copy of the Colloquium Proceedings document and various 
other goodies (I doubt the day attendees would get the Proceedings free).

Colloquium papers and speakers are trickling in at the usual rate; if theres 
anyone out there who wants to talk about something please let me know -SOON.
A printed paper for the Proceedings document, whilst desirable, is not 

A current list of speakers and subjects, as well as lots of other info,
is on the web page; closer to the event I'll put the formal program on there 

Beginners Sessions (Same on Saturday and Sunday):

General session (60 minutes): G3AAJ
orbits                                      bandplans
tracking (+ keplers)                        polarization
groundstation equipment                     doppler
modulation types                            telemetry
message content                             info sources
capabilities of different satellites        uses of computers

Analogue satellites (30 mins): Speaker TBA
expectations (dx etc)
manned space platforms
transponder inversion
(live demo if possible)

Digital satellites (30 mins): G7UPN
modulation types 
(live demo if possible)

Its getting near. Anyone who wants to come should book as soon as possible
in order to avoid disappointment.

Amsat-UK Mail address:
F Southwell G6ZRU
40 Downsview
Small Dole
W Sussex   BN5 9YB
United Kingdom

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
Program Organizer
Communications Officer, Amsat-UK
FOC # 1188
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