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Re: Need help with The Station and FT-847 setup

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From: Bob Gaye <k2lgj@worldnet.att.net>
To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 11:18 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Need help with The Station and FT-847 setup

>Can't seem to get The Station to talk to my FT-847. Is there some setting
>procedure not given in the User's Manual? Everything seems to be working
>the radio interface.

Try setting your radio CAT interface to 4800 baud.  I assisted Paul Willmott
VP9MU with the radio control coding.  Since there is significant overlap
between the Yaesu FT-736R and FT-847 commands, I chose to initialize the CAT
at 4800 baud since it's compatible with both transceivers.  I didn't write
the user manual so I can't say whether or not this is listed in there.
However, I have since seen several instances of comm failures similar
yours -- all of which being the result of the transceiver's baud rate not
being set to match the software.  Sorry about any inconvenience.

BTW, the source code for my Yaesu command library is downloadable from my
web page <http://www.mindspring.com/~n2wwd> -- I invite any improvements
from those interested.

>The Rig Config is set for FT-847 and the COM port number is correct. Seems
>odd to me that's there's no place to set the baud rate for talking to the
>FT-847...  Did I miss something?

It's a "chicken and egg" situation.  The radio needs to match the software's
baud rate to establish communications.  The transceiver owners manual
explains how to change the radio's baud rate.

>I did unzip stafixa6.zip in the Station folder and then copy Rig.dll and
>Tracklib.dll into the Windows\System folder,  replacing the older versions
>in the process. The OS is Windows98.
>I'm using a TrakBox for rotor control and didn't see the need to interface
>to The Station so don't have a Rotor Controller set up. I did unzip the
>three *drv.zip files but they didn't seem to have anything I need so didn't
>install them.
>The hardware interface does work with TRX-Manager and RATS FT-847 software
>so don't think it's a computer/cable problem.
>Any ideas? Thanks.

Please let me know either way how you make out.  Good luck and 73.

Ken Ernandes

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