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FT-847 9600 Trouble

I'm attempting to use my 847 for Digi Sats (Specifically Uo-22, KO-25 and
TO-31). I have tried both a PacComm Spirit-2 TNC/Modem and my modified
PK-232 (with TAPR 9600 modem) and while I do receive data at a rate of
about 50% average efficiency, I cannot sufficiently adjust the deviation to
an acceptable rate. Neither TNC yields much more than about a 1.5-2.0
deviation. The factory recently worked on the rig and claimed that they
increased the output at the PKT jack, but I'm having doubts. Anyone else on
the digi sats experiencing this problem with the FT-847?
Thanks in advance for suggestions and comments.

Richard J. Lawn
Meyerson Centennial Professor
Co-Director, Jazz Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
(512) 471-2369 Office
(512) 471-7764 Music switch board
fax 512/471-5784
Web site: http://jazzed.music.utexas.edu

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