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Need help with The Station and FT-847 setup

Can't seem to get The Station to talk to my FT-847. Is there some setting or
procedure not given in the User's Manual? Everything seems to be working but
the radio interface.

The Rig Config is set for FT-847 and the COM port number is correct. Seems
odd to me that's there's no place to set the baud rate for talking to the
FT-847...  Did I miss something?

I did unzip stafixa6.zip in the Station folder and then copy Rig.dll and
Tracklib.dll into the Windows\System folder,  replacing the older versions
in the process. The OS is Windows98.

I'm using a TrakBox for rotor control and didn't see the need to interface
to The Station so don't have a Rotor Controller set up. I did unzip the
three *drv.zip files but they didn't seem to have anything I need so didn't
install them.

The hardware interface does work with TRX-Manager and RATS FT-847 software
so don't think it's a computer/cable problem.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Bob - K2LGJ

PS - The program is registered.

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