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School handouts? (was: AO-27)

I've had some local kids coming by now occasionally in the past few days when 
i do satellite passes, and i have rigged up an self-powered speaker so i can do
demos and still hear by own downlink on a good day.  Does anyone have a several
page handout explaining amateur satellites and how to get a ham license?  I
tried the AMSAT site, but didn't find anything under introductory material.

                                -- KD6PAG

P.S.:  On the question of how much power:

    Actually, even with the inefficient whip on my HT that I use for AO-27, I
    have found that I can drop the power down to 3 watts and still get perfectly
    good reports. I wonder what the minimum power into a Arrow would be?
                                                                        -- W4JEF

Well, N2YQP routinely works AO-27 on a 1/2 watt and a couple other operators do
as well.  Once from atop the Walnut Creek BART parking structure, i worked both
Alaska and Hawaii with 2 watts on one pass with a long duck using a large metal
box as a reflector.  I didn't even realize it until i got back to the office
and the 5 watt battery was sitting on my desk.

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