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STS-PLUS has been a topic recently. It was said, it's for free. Well, that
depends on how you look at it and needs to be supplemented.

I plucked STS-PLUS off the AMSAT-UK website just a few days ago and there it
says the author would appreciate a contribution of 15 dollars (and no
restrictions to your generosity, says me), which would encourage him to
cater further to this programme, etc. Considering the praise that has been
given here to this programme, it is certain the user benefits from it and it
is only fair if a chip of this benefit bounces back to the author.

I myself have not yet been able to familiarize myself with this programme.
English not being my mothertongue, I have certain difficulties... Especially
with the US technical terms. But in course of time I hope to wriggle my way
into its secrets.

vy 73 es gl
Gerd, DF6SW

Science has it the rulers of this planet will be the insects once the mammal
called Man has phased himself out

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