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Re: so35

bruninga@nadn.navy.mil writes:

> Mike took issue with my comment that 5 watts will do for most all LEO's
>  and listed all the reasons for running more power and high gain antennas
>  in order to guarantee success.  
>  All he said is true, but that was not my point.  For each such station
>  that "guarantees" its own success, that station is doing it at the expense
>  of others in most cases.  This is OK.  If one has an urgent comm
>  requirment, then I defend his use of higher power.

I take issue with your point above that stations access a satellite at the 
expense of others.  Each bird is different, but I rarely hear an "alligator." 
 On FO-20 this weekend I counted six simultaneous QSO's at one time--some 
with more than 2 ops in a roundtable.  FO-29 goes begging for ops.  On RS-13 
during daytime passes you have to sometimes run "alligator power" (i.e., 100 
W EIRP) to get in over the top of the 15 meter QRM.  AO-27, of course is 
unique in it's one-channel operation.  There's room for everybody, but like 
in most democracies, some people have more room than others.  Chris, N2YQP, 
operated from 3 different rare grid squares this past weekend (probably using 
a pair of HTs and an Arrow).  Excuse me if I was eager to get my 5 seconds in 
for a contact  and ran my full 35 Watts here (into a 2-el antenna).  Some 
days I might let you have that parking space, some days I want it for myself. 
 Maybe when they put me on Prozac I won't feel that way :-)

>  I am not arguing here, other than the need for published ERP requirements
>  in the absence of QRM that is necessary to hit the birds.

A while ago I put out a little missive on antenna comparisons/options for 
analog LEOs  and I included my own unscientific observations about uplink and 
downlink comparisons, including an estimated EIRP.  You might want to take a 
peek and see why Mike was so quick to correct your comments about analog LEO 


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