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Re: so35

In a message dated 7/5/1999 11:54:35 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
demer@accessnv.com writes:

<<  On this pass and most AO27 passes its the same
 good ole boy alligators tying the bird up from AOS to LOS. >>

Yes... July 5th was a tough day.  It was a holiday also making it as tough as 
the normal weekend day.  

I've had good luck especially when AO27 is almost at LOS.  By then, only us 
southwestern US'ers can make contacts.  But, there are some ops who try and 
help us *lowly* HT's out.  :-)

I use an Arrow antenna with the HT.   Since I'm at my parent's house, I 
wanted to demo it to my father.  Since it's a typical July day in the deep 
South (temp and humidity both better than 90), it takes a lot out of him to 
go with me.  But we trekked over to the old weather station installation not 
far from his house and we had at it with no luck.  Too many people all trying.

(Oh, the weather station is not operational.  I think the local city bought 
it.  Picture a plain brick block building with a substantial tower beside it. 
 Radar dome still in place.   There's even a balloon launching building with 
huge doors.  Wonder if the city wants to unload it?  It's also one of the 
highest points in the county!)

Today was a much better day.   We managed to hit Iowa, south Florida and 
Maryland.  I need to check my tape recorder and pull one or two more out.  My 
father enjoyed it as much as I did.

Tomorrow, I've got to run over to ATL for a quick meeting.  That means if you 
hear K1LRO on the air, it will be somewhere on I-20 probably near the AL-GA 

My father?  He's sitting in his favorite chair reading QST!   Maybe he'll 
pick up a new hobby.

Oh..... what's the long term for Sunsat?  Was the recent passes over the US a 
one-time occurrence or will it be operational (US-wise) in the future?

Gerry Elam
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