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Re: so35


> As far as the strong stations are concerned - it sometimes helps
> move the traffic through when one strong station acts as informal
> 'net control'.
> When all is working well I have heard up to 5 conversations going
> on simultaneously and in sequence.
> ...just my 2 cents worth.
> (with exchange that's only 1.2 cents U.S. :)
> Don VE3VRW

It seemed to me yesterday that things went smoother when everyone began
calling K7RR like he was a net control.  Why not agree among ourselves to
operate the FM LEO's with a Net control station?  We all could volunteer to
be a NCS and publish an NCS schedule.  Special consideration could be given
to student demonstrations, etc by the NCS.  Net like operation would be more
conducive to low power operators.  If no NCS is scheduled then let the free
for all begin.

Kevin Smith

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