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SunSat power budget.

I sent a quick report to the E-mail address on the SunSat Web Site
on the first SO-35 pass over NA.  Not only did I thank them for the
use (as it were) of the satellite, but I also questioned what the
available power was, so as to calculate how much it might be available.
Below is the excerpts from that E-mail.


> > Thank you for your efforts too.  I wonder, does this sat
> > have a power budget to allow full orbit operation or will
> > it be limited like AO-27?
> We are greatly power limited in out present 12:00 orbit. It drifts 
> an hour earlier every 70 days. When we are in 06:00/18:00 orbits 
> we will get far more power (and continuously), so expect to be able 
> to run continuously.
> We are still checking out the satellite, so we can only afford to 
> power the transponder for a few passes at a time. WE only charge 2% 
> battery capacity per orbit so it takes some time to recover the 2 
> amps*0.25 hour = 0.5 AH taken by the transponder from our 6AH 
> battery.


There you have it.  Not news to some, but maybe useful for others.

Y-all have a great evening,

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