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Alligators a dirty word. RUDE's the word

Well today we heard replies on the subject from an
Alligator or two that stepped forward.  I only used
the term since it seemed to already be widely
understood and the most discrete means for me to
help these individuals identify themselves and
hopefully change their ways. 
All in all some good points were brought up though
in todays discussion.  Some though missed the point
all together and only came away with bruised egos..
Awards, contests excessive wattage, whatever.  
I my opinion, these are not the problem. 
OK, I'm sorry, it was not politically correct of me to
finger point and use the "A" word at yet another
minority group.  All some are asking is that you use
AO-27 and SO-35 in moderation and not to OD on
the stuff.  I've enjoyed this hobby most of my life 
now and I've seen people burnout on it cause
you could just see in watching them,  some self
imposed level of, or since of duty to whom or what
I never could tell and obviously they never
discovered or they would still be with the hobby.
That "hell bent for leather" thing or something.  I
don't know.   Maybe nowadays its just too much
Viagra in the morning orange juice.
Anyway satellite operation is exciting and
everything but on the next pass take a deep first
and just be COURTEOUS by listening first before
you transmit.  And when their done dig in for that
rare one and answer that station that needs your 
contact and say hey to all your buds in one breath
cause this is a LEO.  But then get off and let some
one else use the bird between now and tomorrow if
you can go that long....Most of all, have fun and 
keep it fun, if not for yourself, then for others.

73 de Steve
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