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Re: so35

Mike took issue with my comment that 5 watts will do for most all LEO's
and listed all the reasons for running more power and high gain antennas
in order to guarantee success.  

All he said is true, but that was not my point.  For each such station
that "guarantees" its own success, that station is doing it at the expense
of others in most cases.  This is OK.  If one has an urgent comm
requirment, then I defend his use of higher power.

My point was that there is a nominal ERP that will work under nominal
conditions.  Do the link calculations and  THrow in a 3 dB polarization
missmatch and another 6 dB margin.  That ERP should allow everyone to get
into the bird *most* of the time in the absence of collisions.  If you
dont get in under these conditions, then the channel is too busy and the
only ones who will are the ones that do so at others expense.

I do not condem the use of high power if it is needed.  Each person knows
what his immediate communications needs are.  If I am running a demo for
a class, I will run higher power to guarantee success.   But when I do not
have that urgency, I should drop back to the recommended ERP and let
someone else use the power if they need it.

I am not arguing here, other than the need for published ERP requirements
in the absence of QRM that is necessary to hit the birds.


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