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Re: Re: Sat Tracking/Best

At 18:13 1999-07-06 , Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:
>IT doesn't do the map screen on an HP200.  And it won't do anything
>like give visibilty info.  If you could put the sun in a group with
>the satellite of interest, it'd come pretty close to the latter,
>I don't think it'll output an ephemeris to a file, either.
>IT is nice but for many things it's just a bit short of features.
>73, doug

Hi Doug and the rest of the list. From reading below all he was looking for was
a dos program that he could use to know the times dates etc. This can be done
in text form and just print it out ant then you would be able to walk outside
where ever you are and look at the birds in the sky!!

>   At 09:48 1999-07-06 , Jeff Johns wrote:
>   >On Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:18:15 +0200, Frits Westra <fwestra@hetnet.nl>
>   >
>   >> predictions? I don't need fancy displays of maps, only predictions of
>   >> satellite passes for a given time period, listing time above the
>   >> horizon, azimuth, max elevation. Preferably a DOS program. It would be
>   >> nice if such a program would easily accept any given times, dates,
>   >> years, so I can finally check up on visual sat observations I had in
>   >> the past.
>   >
>   >I use both STS Plus and Predict on my HP200LX Palmtop PC. I actually use 
>   >to amaze people at what my little computer can do and use Predict for pass
>   >predictions. Predict is an awesome little program that is accurate (at 
>   >for me). It's available at the Amsat site and is written by John
>   >KD2BD.
>   Well what about using Instant track????   It is a DOS based program that
>   been used for YEARS and still is worth using. It works well in a windoze 
>   also!!!

73, Bill N4XEO

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