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Re: S.O.S from SO-35

On Tue,  6 Jul 1999 15:51:33, -0500, TKVF99C@prodigy.com (MR STEPHEN G THOMPSON) wrote:

> I'm one of those guys who prefer, yes prefer to work
> a satellite with a handheld sometimes.   More than
> any other sat ops that I engage in I find there is a 
> certain mystique to working this hi tech form of
> amateur radio in such a low tech manner.  I guess
> I'm just part of a dyeing breed who still gets a sense 
> of accomplishment from doing something that no one 
> now days has the patients, will or basic attention
> span to do without a guarantee of immediate 
> stimulation to something.

Amen! To be honest, at this point in my life, I can not afford a lot of
equipment that you guys and gals have, so I have to use what I have. It's
amazing what can be accomplished with so little! Numerous times I have
pulled off to the side off the road to work AO-27 with my HT and people walk
up and say "what the heck are you doing?", I unplug the headset and let the
voices come out of the speaker of the HT and their mouths fal wide open. One
deputy I worked with thought I had lost my mind, now he thinks I am the
ultimate whiz kid, of course we know I'm not, but it has gotten one or two
people to get their tickets or at least form an interest in amateur radio.
Viva LEO analog satellites!

73 Jeff
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