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Satellite tracking software

In order to make comparisons, you must ensure that the following points
are IDENTICALS for all tested software

- clock and time zone,
- orbital param MUST be the same,
- orbital model,
- geodetic model identical, (elliptic, spheric, earth radius...)
- observer height,
- observer position,

With that in mind, it's easy to verify that winorbit and sts provide the
SAME results to approx 15 minutes of angle.
This stage is to validate the relative accuracy of two software relative
each to the other.
Now, for what concerns absolute accuracy, INstantTrack and STS give both
excellent result even for MIR provided that the param are not older than
2 or 3 days. (and winorbit by deduction) When i mean excellent result,
it means a 1-3 seconds time and less than 0.5 degree accuracy range. The
predicted results have been checked vs actual radar tracking in 1994, on
MIR and other leo satellites.

Best 73' to all.
Ghislain RUY 
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