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Re: S.O.S from SO-35

Hi Mike..long time no work you on great bird in sky..
hi.  Anyway thanks for your thoughts on the subject.
I understand and like your hopefull view of future
amateur sat operations. 
I do have a concern though with that guy you
mentioned in your parity who's looking for the
parking spot, and finds one.  And while it wasnt
the closest one available, I'm sure someone else
would have been glad to have it.  But NOooo, he
has to pull back out into traffic slowing down
everyone else just to go find another spot.  The
overall traffic will only finally lighten up if everyone
will find their ONE spot and park and be done with it.
But him just getting out of the lane of traffic did 
more for him and others than anything else during
his visit to the mall or where ever.  Any other
method used during Christmas in a mall parking lot
now days will get ones tail shot off.

I'm one of those guys who prefer, yes prefer to work
a satellite with a handheld sometimes.   More than
any other sat ops that I engage in I find there is a 
certain mystique to working this hi tech form of
amateur radio in such a low tech manner.  I guess
I'm just part of a dyeing breed who still gets a sense 
of accomplishment from doing something that no one 
now days has the patients, will or basic attention
span to do without a guarantee of immediate 
stimulation to something.
Even with the greater signal strength from SO-35
I'm afraid it's going to remain no more inteligable to
the human ear than AO-27 is.  Still though with every
SO-35 or AO-27 pass scenario that I run through my
head, the problem still boils down to the excessive
SINGLE STATION contacts per pass count.  So 
Mike, the bottom line still seems to be that we have
a problem with aggressive driving in your parking lot.  
Take care Mike...see ya on the birds.
73 de Steve

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