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Re: so35

Bob Bruninga wrote:

> The QRM would be THE SAME and the success for all stations would be the
> same if they ALL dropped to 5 watts too.  Of course if there is other man
> made interference such as Taxi's in Central AMerica or Pizza deliveries in
> Timbuktoo, then more power by everyone is needed...  oops... I ramble...

And even so sometimes is useless! 
At least that's my experience on AO-27. It's is very frustating...
Spanish taxi 
drivers are always present and make operation impossible during almost
half orbit.
But what's surprises me more is the fact of that kind of QRM could be
avoid with a simple device: a tone (or DTMF) decoder on sat rx! 
I just don't know why builters didn't thought about it before???
And yes, I have a strong feeling Sunsat will "discover" some ilegal
operation on UHF band over europe :(

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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