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Re: Alligators and AO-27

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999 10:27:54 -0400, "pmarkham" <pmarkham@newsguy.com> wrote:

> Whats it to me? Nothing. Alligators and empty ratchet jawing ran me off the
> local repeaters. AO-27 is nothing new. I went on to other things.

If you aren't supposed to use the bird for talking, what are you supposed to
do with it? There are people on this list, who went out of their way to help
me with accesing the bird with a minimum setup, and for that I am greatly
appreciative and because of this I have been able to help many others by
'showing them the way' and giving talks at local ham clubs and one on one
both over the phone (long distance, my expense) and via email. I see nothing
wrong with a quick "Hi, how's the weather?" comment on the bird and there's
nothing wrong with helping someone get a new grid, many of us enjoy that
activity. I am absolutely amazed that I was able to make contact with
someone in CM97, K6YK John, from EM63 with just a HT @ 3 watts with a whip
antenna. That's what gets me fired-up about ham radio and satellites, the
fact that I can do so much with so little. I'll admit, I'm a QRP addict,
it's in my blood. I have two HF rigs, one is a HTX-100 and the other is a
little SW40+ 2 watts QRP CW tranciever that I built. I love doing less with
more.... why? because I can and best of all it's cool <g>.

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