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Re: so35

In a message dated 99-07-06 09:03:43 EDT, you write:

<< > So my suggestion is that everyone who made a successful contact or was
 i hope that you were not referring to my operating procedures. i have always 
 made several contacts and then let everyone else do it.  >>


Although your mail to me was direct I wanted to return my apologies to you 
both personally and through the board....Truthfully, I only heard the Real 
Audio pass and to me it sounded like 29.600 or CB during an opening....Your 
contact wasn't on RA
 (I don't think)

My problem is that I only read down to your posting before I got upset enough 
to respond...I unfortunately used your statement as a soapbox..again I 

However...there has to be a better way to do this..a single channel FM 
satellite becomes simply a "calling frequency"...and with SO-35's excellent 
coverage a method has to be designed to allow all amateurs interested in 
using it to do so.

Perhaps a "directed net" approach?....A DX "pileup" approach?....A "call 
area" approach...Low power Pass?...High Power Pass? (Just Kidding)...handheld 

As for who is an alligator...not for me to judge...It's just when I see them 
I don't go near the water.

The problems are obvious....but we have some of the greatest minds on the 
planet reading these bulletins.....seriously....how many of your neighbors, 
coworkers, acquaintances do you know who have the ability to talk through any 
satellite...even one that is an FM repeater?

Lets get the minds rolling.....and learn from past mistakes



(Bruce...I know I wandered....and I used your note to start it..sorry...seems 
I'll never learn)

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