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Re: so35

Hi Dudley,

On 7/6/99 1:41 AM,  Dudley Emer of demer@accessnv.com wrote: 
>I agree fully with Roger.  On this pass and most AO27 passes its the same
>good ole boy alligators tying the bird up from AOS to LOS.  Enough of the
>coffee club.

It can seem that way - but I have found that the 'regulars' are always
glad to hear a new call sign and make room for it.

As far as the strong stations are concerned - it sometimes helps
move the traffic through when one strong station acts as informal
'net control'.

When all is working well I have heard up to 5 conversations going
on simultaneously and in sequence.

...just my 2 cents worth.

(with exchange that's only 1.2 cents U.S. :)


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