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Alligators and AO-27

> Am I an alligator with my
> awesome 5 watt HT and whip antenna? Everyone always seems extremely
> courteous and willing to help a newcomer.

With what you describe, you are no alligator.

Everyone is extremely courteous? to help a newcomer (with a desired grid?), 
after which it may be "business as usual".

I was active on AO-27 for about a week total, a few years ago. Everyone wanted 
to talk to me and help ensure his "buddy" got the opportunity also, after 
which, it was "clique" chat only. I ran 45 watts to a pair of phased, with less 
than optimum spacing, old CC AOP-1s. I deliberately checked whether "channel 
hogs" were running lotsa power by running full duplex and transmitting for a 
second or two to see if my signal would capture the receiver. Lotsa times it 
was as if my signal did not exist. Unless things have changed, I get the 
impression from a number of the posts, that the status quo is "alligators 
rule". Charitable or desireable exceptions do not make the rule.

Whats it to me? Nothing. Alligators and empty ratchet jawing ran me off the 
local repeaters. AO-27 is nothing new. I went on to other things.

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