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Re: S.O.S from SO-35

On Tue,  6 Jul 1999 05:54:25, -0500, TKVF99C@prodigy.com (MR STEPHEN G THOMPSON) wrote:

> of hearing on AO-27 making their usual dozen per

Hmmm... are we talking weekend passes of AO-27 or weekday passes. Although,
I haven't been on the birds for a couple of weeks, I have been on it at
least twice a day for the previous six months. Am I an alligator with my
awesome 5 watt HT and whip antenna? Everyone always seems extremely
courteous and willing to help a newcomer. I, myself, have brought many new
people to the bird through local talks and internet contacts. These
'alligator' statement seem very broad and do not seem to hold true for the
times I have been on the bird. Mike, KF4FDJ, along with others does
demonstrations for kids on a fairly regular basis and everyone always does
their best to make it enjoyable for the kids. It's awesome to hear those
kids voices beaming down from space and I bet it's a hell of a rush for
them. Whew... I'll stop now because I'm ranting, but please don't make such
blanket statements.

73 es GL de Jeff 'the gator' Johns
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