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S.O.S from SO-35

Unfortunately I missed SO-35's first usable U.S pass
today but was really glad to hear it working so well
on a wave file recording.  I did notice something a
bit disturbing though that I'm sure I wont be the
last to bring up.  But didn't it sound a little too
much like a louder version of the S.O.S from the
same old alligators many including myself got tired
of hearing on AO-27 making their usual dozen per
pass contacts.  Come on people, try a little self
control.  I for one sometimes just like to listen but
just can't hear anyone very well when everyone 
wants to hear THEMSELVES all talk at the same
time.  I've said it before but here it comes again.
How about we drop the contest style of making
a contact and instead actually convey a thought
with someone,  not at someone and to a maximum
of two some ones, or I guess you could generalize
a thought to several some ones.  But then kick back
and let others do the same.  Self control can be
a good thing.  Maybe its just me, but one or two
contacts per pass is all it takes to blow my skirt up.
Enjoy the new bird.
73 all de Steve
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