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Problem working AO27 with an Arrow Antenna

I have a person here that has a problem working AO27.
Could one of you please see if you can give him a hand.
I don't know if he is on the reflector or not,  told him how to subscribe.

e-mail address is     xmen@fgi.net

73 Al Lowe N0IMW 

In a message dated 7/5/99 7:05:38 PM, you wrote:

>I need your advise with some questions I have.

>I just got the latest copy of Logsat software.  I have tried all weekend to 
>to the following satellites with mixed results.

>I am using my arrow 146X437-10W (with the duplexer).  I have tried a Yaesu 
>HT and a Kenwood DH-7A receiver.

>I can hear AO27 on each pass when I have the correct azimuth and the 
>is 40+ degrees or higher.  Any elevation less than 40 degrees does not come 
> I live Allen in the middle of the corn fields of Illinois so the terrain is 
>flat. I have no obstructions when I try to listen to these satellites I have 
>tried to hear AO10 and the new Sunsat satellites.  My elevation and azimuth 
>correct but I cannot hear these two satellites.

>What am I doing dumb.  My Arrow J-pole (J146/440) work great.  I don't know 
>I doing wrong Arrow Satellite.  I also try to
>verify communication on 2 meters to my nearest repeater and it appears to be 

>Do I need to verify the copper wire in plastic tuner ?  I did not think I 
>to check this but it is an idea.

>Could I send you my Arrow duplexer to make sure it is working OK ?

>I realize the you are not in the satellite support business but I have no 
one in
>this area that is in to satellites so I have 
>no one to ask these questions.

>Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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