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More P3D Pics, please

Now we all know that taking a picture of a radio transmission is something like
trying to fax a friend a cool breeze on a hot day.

BUT, there MUST be some be some pics available from the recent P3D on-air tests,
thruster firings, etc, and the right place to put them is on the P3D Lab web
site < http://www.magicnet.net/~phase3d/dailyphoto.html >, isn't it?

How about it, guys?
Let's see: the big tent, the antennas coming out of their protective mounts and
being fitted, >>>the grins<<<, the spectrum analyser traces, >>>the big
grins<<<, the nitrogen cylinders, the plume of escaping nitrogen frosting up the
humid Florida air, >>>the bigger grins<<<, the back-slapping, the... etc

The latest 'event' is the vibration test.
Pictures of that will 'make the earth move' for those of us with a vicarious
participation in P3D.

Let's SEE the good news, too, please.

Peter Ellis
Capital city of Australia

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