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Let me get this out on the AMSAT net ASAP!  Thanks  Cliff K7RR

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Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 15:18:32 +0200
From: "Garth W. Milne" <milne@firga.sun.ac.za>
To: Clifford Buttschardt <cbuttsch@slonet.org>, bruninga@nadn.navy.mil,
Cc: Hans van de Groenendaal <hans@intekom.co.za>
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] SUNSAT MOBE B THIS SUNDAY

Latest News
SUNSAT Amateur Mode B transponder active USA 5 July 18:38 - 18:54 UTC
Sunsat was programmed to support Mode B operations over South Africa,
Europe, and America on Sunday 4 July.

Sunsat was silent during the South African passes, making us suspect OBC1
had crashed. It hadn't, but a fault in an earlier diary command caused diary
execution to stop prematurely.

We have programmed Sunsat into mode B transponder again for the USA extended
4-th July (ie 5 July) from 18:38 to 18:54 UTC on 7/5/99. This pass goes over
the central states, and covers the whole of the USA.

We hope some Amateurs will hear and try it.

The uplink is 436.291 MHz and the downlink is 145.825 MHz, both NBFM. You
should hear the downlink easily on a hand-held for most elevations.

Note that because of the Doppler on the uplink, you should set your uplink
frequency to 436.286 for the first half of the pass and 436.296 for the
second half.


ZR1AFH (Garth)

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