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Re: P3-D: ready for vibration

Hello Francisco,

Francisco Costa wrote:

> But meanwhile we are expecting it, wouldn't be possible to have a word
> of it future mode of operation???
> I'll explain better: we all know the uplinks, the downlinks and matrix
> possibilities. What we don't know is what are going to be the USUAL
> matrix combinations.

This is indeed a very good point.

> I bet nobody know's exactly that. I think only after the bird will be
> fully operating that will be established, and command team will anounce the
> sked.

This is more or less correct...

First of all, we have to check-out the performance of all receivers
and transmitters in space and the modes are also a matter of acceptance.

While the command station will make proposals based on performance,
power consumption, usage, etc., the baseline Transponder schedule will be
determined by the P3-D Program board. All organisations who have made
significant contributions to P3-D are members of this board.
Indeed, when the time comes, we will probably need some input from
users after a first operational phase of P3-D.

> But it sure was very positive if we could know what are the P3D builders
> INTENTIONS. What will be the planned MODES???

There will be indeed no downlink on L-band, but we have two L-band
receivers and two highpower S-Band trasmitters. From what I have seen
during the tests so far, this will be the EASY mode. Antennas at the
ground will be very small and not much uplink power is needed.
But we also have two very sensitive receivers on S-band and 2m, 70cm RX
are also nice. :)
I *personally* think that Mode LS and Mode UV or VU might be the most popular
modes.  At the beginning of it's life, we have enough power to run two high 
power transmitters continously at the same time.
We could run Mode LS and Mode VU or UV at the same time. We could
also run Mode LS and Mode LU at the same time.  K-Band and X-Band
can also work in parallel for some time, when it makes sense..

There are indeed other combinations possible, like 2m Up and X-Band down
or 21 MHz to X-Band.. ;)  But I think these will not be the regular modes..hi

73s Peter DB2OS

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