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Re: P3-D: ready for vibration

At 10:56 PM 7/4/1999 +0100, you wrote:

>An example, if Uplink is on 2m and Downlink will be on 1.2G, I'll better
>by/built a down converter with 432 FI. Or I need VHF FI if normal uplink 
>will be on UHF. See my point???
>Any further comment's welcome!

I think it's fair to say that the goal will be to make P3D available on as
many of its frequencies as possible.  The limitations, as with any
satellite, will be primarily related to power, heat dissipation, antenna
pointing angles, etc. 

Note that there will be no downlink on 1.2 Ghz (L-band).  However, one of
the two L-band receivers will always be on, and it is reasonable to assume
that L-band will be a very, very common uplink frequency.  If I were only
going to add one piece of equipment to a "standard" U/V band satellite
setup, it would be the capability for L-band transmission.  The second
thing I would add would be the capability for S-band reception.  L/S will
undoubtedly be a very popular combination.

After that you can think about more "esoteric" options like S-band uplink,
X-band downlink, etc.

The IF matrix allows a truly bewildering array of uplink/downlink

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