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Re: P3-D: ready for vibration

Peter Guelzow wrote:

> After a few more close-out items and the spin balance test, P3-D is
> ready for the vibration and shake test, which is scheduled for later
> this month at NASA facilities in Washington. The test will be performed
> according to specifications from the launcher agency.  A final check-out
> of all electronics and a visual inspection will follow when P3-D returns
> to  Orlando, before it will than be shipped to the launch site.

I think this is fantastic, and I adress P3D team my public

But meanwhile we are expecting it, wouldn't be possible to have a word
of it future mode of operation???
I'll explain better: we all know the uplinks, the downlinks and matrix
possibilities. What we don't know is what are going to be the USUAL
matrix combinations. 
I bet nobody know's exactly that. I think only after the bird will be
operating that will be established, and command team will anounce the
But it sure was very positive if we could know what are the P3D builders
INTENTIONS. What will be the planned MODES???
That certanly will be a great help in designing the "P3D tracking
An example, if Uplink is on 2m and Downlink will be on 1.2G, I'll better
by/built a down converter with 432 FI. Or I need VHF FI if normal uplink 
will be on UHF. See my point???
Any further comment's welcome!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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