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Re: WISP and KCT on NT Update

>One last try:
>Somebody please get the 95 version source. If you have it and there 
>is some reason why you will not get it to me them please accept my 
>code as a gift and then give me and the rest of us a KCT driver that 
>works on NT so that we won't have to work with the Win3.1 codebase. 
>I WILL get this to work on NT with or without new code, but would'nt
>we all be happier if I used the latest as the codebase?
>- Mark West

Hi Mark

I know what you are going through trying to get the code. It just amazes me
that in the open forum of amateur radio that we can't get the things we need to
make our operating better.  Good luck on getting the code. 

Here is what I'm running up against. I have the AEA ST-1 sat controller and the
ONLY driver is a 16 bit driver. With Wisp16 not going to be able to survive the
y2k, the author is only going to update the 32 bit version. With him doing this
it is forcing us to upgrade our software and in turn I'll have to replace the
St-1 all because of ONE driver or a program that isn't going to be updated. You
have prob seen my messages that I put out on the list about it a while back.
The author does not reply back to any of his e-mails and the only replies that
I've gotten have been from people that ask me if I get any info to please let
them know. 

It would be nice if someone would come forward with new 32 bit code for the
St-1 or if they would just make the Wisp16 program Y2K compliant!!!  It is a
shame that as of next year I'll be off the sats for a while when I have to shut
down because I have to save my pennies up to buy a NEW controller and software

I guess I'm asking the same thing about the code. If someone has the source
code for the AEA ST-1 would you please post it somewhere and maybe we can get
someone to port it over to a 32 bit version so we can keep using the equipment
that we have. It would be nice to run my sat station under NT and get away from
95 and 98. I belive the only thing keeping us from doing that is the 16 bit
driver for the St-1.  Come on people, help us out with the code. I know that
someone has it.  If you have the code for the ST-1 or you are able to port it
over to a 32 bit version, PLEASE help us out!!!


73, Bill N4XEO

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