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WISP and KCT on NT Update

To all:

Thanks for all the support you guys are giving me to get the KCT
driver for NT working. I have some good news:

1) I have gotten my port driver to talk to the KCT board on NT,
   It was not as easy as I thought, it took me a solid day to
   accomplish this. Device drivers on NT are not as easy as
   drivers on 3.1, 95, 98. That's probably why the current code
   holders have not ported it to NT.

2) The port driver is really flexible, I think it could be used
   by anybody (with rotor controller source code) to easily get
   their systems ported to NT.

3) I'll put details on my web site when I get it wrapped up for

4) I have gotten KCT driver source code from three sources: two
   were from helpfull citizens and one was from a site in
   Taiwan that I found with Archie.

I have some bad news:

1) All three sources are quite dated, the latest appears to be
   from 1995, and also appears to support only windows 3.1, not
   95. It does NOT support the Yaesu FT-847, and as that is the 
   radio I use and the only radio I own, that is the radio that
   I will make work first.

2) Since the sources are dated, there are very likely untold
   improvements and fixes in the currect 95 version. I do not
   care to work with old code, release it to the public, and get
   yelled at by those who discover that I 'added' a bunch of bugs.

One last try:

Somebody please get the 95 version source. If you have it and there 
is some reason why you will not get it to me them please accept my 
code as a gift and then give me and the rest of us a KCT driver that 
works on NT so that we won't have to work with the Win3.1 codebase. 
I WILL get this to work on NT with or without new code, but would'nt
we all be happier if I used the latest as the codebase?

- Mark West

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