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TMSat Image Browser

Hi All,

Now that Chris is putting images from TMSat on the SSTL web site 
(http://www.sstl.co.uk/amsat/rawdata/),  I thought it would be interesting to 
quickly write a web based image browser for them in Java.

The Java program (*NOT* an applet) will download the images across the internet 
and decompress and display them.

You will need a JDK1.2 (Java2) runtime to run the application.

It currently supports downloading and displaying thumbnail (.IMT) and compressed 
(.IMC) images,   and will allow the image to be saved locally i JPEG format.

There is no image manipulation or combining of the multi-spectral images yet,  
but I will try to add that when I have time.

The program does support internet connections via a proxy server by setting up 
the proxy host and proxy port in a preferences dialog box.

If you are interested in a copy,  send me an email directly,  I will mail you 
the program and the instructions.  Note that the .jar file with all the classes 
is only 16136 bytes.

-- John Melton


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