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Preamp recommendations

I'm sure it has been answered before, but I have have not seen it so:

I'm looking for a really good preamp for 70cm, the best available. That is
of course if I do indeed need one at all. My modus iperandi is to pretty
get the best available up front, so I don't care if it is expensive or if it
only give me 'a little' benefit. The preamp needs to switch between TX and
I do not mind running a PTT signal wire to the preamp, which will be mounted
on the antenna.

I'm setting up to work 1200 and 9600 baud satellites. I'm getting some M2
circular beams in any day now. I'm using Time Microwave LMR  600 cable,
which is pretty good stuff, with very low loss. This goes to a Yaesu FT847,
I don't know much about the noise figure of the built in 'pre-amp'.

Question 1: Will a preamp help at all? One book says I MUST have preamps,
another says I don't need them. Lots of opinions. Does anyone have yet more
opinions, if so I would like to hear them.

Question 2: Is there a preamp FAQ out there?

Question 3: If you are using preamps, what is your favorite brand/model?

So far it looks like the SSB SP-7000 is the one to beat. It claims 10-20dB
with a maximum Noise figure of 0.9db. Others are publishing better noise
but do not provide curves like SSB does. Also SSB is using single gate
which I undestand are quieter than dual gate GaAsFets, and MUCH quieter than
bipolars (which realy are'nt under consideration anyway).

- Mark West

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