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Re: AO10 + FD = What a BLAST!

>I see you were using the Arrow Antenna, but how many watts and what rigs
>were you using?  I never tried AO-10 because I always assumed it required
>100 watts or more with huge antennas to get a large ERP.

A lot of people seem to think you need an EME station to work AO-10 !
I have just checked my log, and I have had 206 QSO's on Oscar 10 in the last
2 months. All using my humble FT-726 barefoot.

For the uplink antenna I have an 11 element crossed Jaybeam, (it should be a
12 ele but one of the directors has fallen off !) and a 9 ele crossed Tonna
for the downlink.
Both antennas have a quoted gain of 12dB.
That's it ........ no linear, no pre-amps, no polarity switches and just 10

You have to pick the best times of course, perigee out to 20,000 km or
better still, low angle orbits when you get ground gain as well (and no need
for elevation rotors).
What's more, it's great fun, and you get a great satisfaction receiving a
5/7 report from that rare DX station.
So, what are you waiting for ?  Hook your radio up to whatever antennas you
have and give it a go. If you can hear your own downlink you can be fairly
sure everyone else can as well.
Good luck and hope to work you soon.

Tony, EI2FSB.

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