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RE: QSL return rate

> > <<  Anybody got any tricks to get those stubborn last
> >  few to respond??? >>
> > 

Have you tried looking up their e-mail addresses?  I have had some success
with this with DX stations.  Sometimes their QSL managers have e-mail
capability, too.  

My last "WAS OSCAR CW" QSL came from Montana, but only after lots of
effort on my part.  At the time, there were very few satellite operators
in Montana (let alone CW ops).  I contacted one guy who never returned my
SASE.  I sent him another one and that one didn't get returned.  Finally I
had a friend of mine look him up on a "phone book" CD-ROM.  I then gave
this guy a call.  His wife answered (she was also a ham) and she promised
to have her husband send out my QSL. 

Needless to say, a few months after that, I contacted another Montana
station, who was very quick to QSL.  

So even though some stations just don't (or won't) QSL, don't overlook the
internet as another medium with which you cal "remind" these people. 

Good luck and 73, 

Mike, N8MR

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