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RE: QSL return rate

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> Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 9:33 PM
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> In a message dated 6/28/99 5:41:13 PM kd9kc@elp.rr.com writes:
> <<  Anybody got any tricks to get those stubborn last
>  few to respond??? >>
> Sounds mean Mike but how about publishing their call and name  on the 
> reflector.

	Tried it once.  A few wrote back and said they would send it soon.


	Others professed not receiving a card from me.  Sent one again.
Some wanted an SASE.  Ok, big stations send lots of cards, and it is
costly.  I sent the SASEs.  You know who DOES reply every time???
The post office when it is a bad address.  Wish they could confirm
the grids for me.

Won't post the calls this time, but the grids are

For mode A:
CO82, DO00, EL06, EM30, EM89, EN54, and FM19.

For MIR:
CM96, CM98, CN86, DM26, EM00, EM12, EM42, EM75, EM95, and EN10.

Someone else wrote (name deleted):

> One trick I have tried is to find out where he works and send 
> the QSL to his boss with a letter of explanation.  That worked.

Now there is an idea with some merit.  <GRIN>  I'll get that VUCC
and WAS via satellite some day!!!

Y-all have a great evening, 

Vy73,  Mike.   KD9KC    MARS: AAV6EV
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The farthest WEST ham in West Texas.
El Paso, where we have two seasons;
Summer, and Christmas.

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