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Language wars (was: Re: UoSAT telemetry formats?)

Tim Salo wrote:

>> It's written in Visual Basic, though I've heard you can get the death
>> penalty for that in some jurisdictions. :-)
> Certainly, Visual Basic has no place in a serious academic computer
> science environment, although this is probably an electrical engineering
> project; I suppose they allow that sort of thing there.  You might add
> Java to your list of good things to learn some day.

What *really* matters is getting the job done, and true professionals
will use whatever tools are right for the job. Don't we have enough
your-protocol/mode/radio-sucks wars in ham radio? Let's not add "your
programming language sucks" to the list. You can do very good work
in Visual Basic. It's kinda fun, too.

I've shipped products written in C, C++, and Visual Basic. They all
work well.

> It might also be nice to have a library of objects that implement the
> AX.25 protocols...

This was my initial plan, but I decided against it when I realized what
a tiny subset of AX.25 I really needed.

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