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Re: UoSAT telemetry formats?

> Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 13:55:01 -0400
> To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
> From: Laura Halliday <lha@sdr.utias.utoronto.ca>
> Subject: [amsat-bb] UoSAT telemetry formats?
> Is there anything more recent on this than "Telemetry on the UoSAT-3
> PACSAT Communications Experiment"? I'm playing with some software
> of my own to decode telemetry, and am seeing some weird stuff coming
> from TMSAT...
> The software is a school project - it listens to a KISS TNC, decodes
> a (tiny) subset of AX.25 and extracts UoSAT format telemetry.

You might look at JStation, a satellite ground station written in

> It's written in Visual Basic, though I've heard you can get the death
> penalty for that in some jurisdictions. :-)

Certainly, Visual Basic has no place in a serious academic computer
science environment, although this is probably an electrical engineering
project; I suppose they allow that sort of thing there.  You might add
Java to your list of good things to learn some day.

It might also be nice to have a library of objects that implement the
AX.25 protocols...

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