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Transatlantic 2M Test Update 1.


For those of you not on the various HF DX reflectors, here is an item you may
find interesting.  I'll forward any further bulletins they may issue on this
attempt to make the first terrestrial transatlantic 2m QSO.

73, Ray

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RE:	[dx-list] Transatlantic 2M Test Update 1.

As of 1400 UTC on Monday June 28, no contact has been made between 2S0ICF in
Scotland and VO1AA in Newfoundland.

The UK station is operating regularly between 1200 and 2000 UTC daily and
transmitting on the hour and half-hour while VO1AA is operational between
1200 and 1600 UTC daily and transmitting on the quarter hours.

On report from David G3NPB at IO70GE indicates that the UK station may have
been heard at roughly 1616 - 1631 UTC on June 27 while 2S0ICF reported today
that they may have heard G3NPB, who was also transimitting periodically, at
around 1507 UTC.

The operation got off to an auspicious start when the power at 2S0ICF was
lost on June 26 near the time the operation was to begin. Thankfully, the
problems have been solved and things are underway.

Until there's more news, please keep an ear out for us on 144.075 MHz CW and
forward any potentially encouraging reports to me at vo1he@rac.ca.

73 -- Paul

Paul J. Piercey  VO1HE

Director - SONRA
Assistant Director, Avalon - Radio Amateurs of Canada
Sysop - VO1AAA and VO1BT


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