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TAPR Technology Day

TAPR is proud to announce the first annual Technology Demo Day.  Here is a
condensed version:

The purpose of this event is to demonstrate technology ... at the location
of Field Day. Technologies like Packet Radio, SSTV, ATV, Spread Spectrum,
IGates, Satellites and other operating modes accessed via RF means only
will be allowed, since this reflects current emergency situations at
disaster scenes in our present day world.

Full details are available at http://www.tapr.org/tdfd

     No commercial power is allowed for stations submitting a score.
     All frequencies that are currently allowed for the mode in use.
     Digipeaters, Networks, can be used for contacts
     Single Operator designated by "SO". Multi Operator by "MO"
     No Operator by "NO"
     xchange:  Call, ARRL section, Operator Designation (SO, MO, NO)
     Send your score to kb2scs@worldnet.att.net or use
        o 25 points for receiving the ARRL message in digital form
        o 2  points for every LIVE packet QSO 
        o 1  point for every APRS station "received"
        o 2  points for every APRS station exchanging messages
        o 25 points for receiving ATV signals from a range over 5 miles
        o 25 points for transmitting ATV to another station over 5 miles
        o 5  points for every received SSTV contact
        o 5  points for every transmitted SSTV contact
        o 25 points for receiving any Satellite digital MESSAGE
        o 25 points for transmitting any Satellite digital Message.
        o 25 points for making a complete exchange using Spread Spectrum
        o 5  points for each Spread Spectrum contact thereafter

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