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Field Day

Hi Guys.

Field day is a lot of fun; enjoy.  You come home with a buzz (so do I).

Can I make a plea though. 

I can think of several instances of "feel good" when one does things
afterwards which they might not do at other times <G> and it has happened
in the past that, in the euphoria that happens post-field day, people have
posted digital images of their FD site, rig, etc to the -BB. 

They want to share their good feelings with everyone else. Nothing wrong
with that except this particular method of expressing it causes quite a 
few problems to folks outside the USA. May I suggest that posting digital 
images, even 30K or so, might not be welcome to some subscribers of this
international forum because many people outside the USA pay by the byte or 
by the minute for their internet access; sometimes over slow phone lines.

By all means share your fun, thats what its all about after all; but please
exercise a little discretion. Might I suggest that folks post the images to 
their own web site (or maybe someone will volunteer a site) and then post a 
note of the URL to the -BB instead. I assure you that such action will be
much appreciated by us subsribers out here in the wilderness.


Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188
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