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AO-10 and Field Day,

AO10 Easy Sat!   Just to check my set-up for FD,....

Today I went outside with just a short 5 element 2m beam in one hand and
an all mode rig in the other.  Held the antenna in one hand up about 45
deg and tuned the rig with the other and copied 3 solid QSO's on AO10.

So, now I am excited about Field Day.   Yes a big 10 element antenna is
the norm, but hey, it only gains you another 3 dB...  What I heard was
well good enough for FD points!

Unfortunately, as more people will be on, everyone will sink into the
noise, so in one sense, encouraging everyone to go try it is self
defeating... :-(   P.S.  For Saturday, it is up all afternoon until
around 1800 EDT as it sets in the East depending on where you are.

Sorry for my excitement.  But I havent worked AO10 in years because all my
roof top antennas have fallen into dissarray.  Its so easy when you just
do it with 6 feet of RG58 and a handheld from the picnic table.

And for TAPR TECHNOLOGY DAY, you dont have to transmit.   You get 25
points just for hearing it!

 de WB4APR

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