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RE: Field Day

Hi Bob,

How about the weekly, updated satellite status that AMSAT News Service
provides? I know I'm biased, but all the active amateur analog and digital
satellites are all covered....   Just a thought.

	--73 Dan NN0DJ--
	  AMSAT ANS Editor

	Bob Bruninga wrote:


> There will be hundreds of NEWBEES trying Satellites at FD this year:
>   1) Operating a rig at a table and a handheld antenna trivializes the
>      entire station. 
>   2) The Kenwood THD7 HT can receive 9 satellites with nothing but a 3
>      element UHF beam or rubber duck in front of a piece of chicken wire.
> We newbees need a definitive list of what satellites are in what modes.
> I know it is published in a variety of places, but many show many modes.
> We need a "regular" to give us newbees a definitive LIST for this 
> weekend.  
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