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Re: The old GE HAM NEWS

Hello Gerry--Well,  mention of Don Norgaard, one of the "father's" of the
OSCAR program by Cliff Buttschardt has opened a lot of thoughts. Don was
a prolific author of articles in the old GE HAM NEWS .For example, the
"SSB Jr." and the "DYNAMIC REGULATION of PSs." I have the two bound
copies of GE HAM NEWS that were printed by the Maqua Company in the '50s.
I suppose I could copy the pages, but this would be quite a job. The
volumes cover about 10 years of bi-monthly issues of the publication.
That's, say, 60 issues of 8 or more pages each--at least 480 pages..

So I'm wondering if it would be worth while to have the volumes combined
into a new edition and copies printed for sale via one of the new digital
printing houses like Xlibris, which right now is publishing a fiction
book for me from a 3.5-inch floppy disk.

Re-typing the HAM NEWS volumes would, of course, be out of the question.
(There are many diagrams and pictures.)  I suspect scanning would be the
most efficient method of reducing the material  to digital. I'll have to
look into this. Let me know if you ( OR ANYONE ELSE ON THE NET ??? ) have
any thoughts about such a project.  I.e., would enough people  BUY the
book to pay the costs? Keep in mind GE HAM NEWS was concerned with all
pre-solid state historic material (tubes, baby, tubes!) 73 -- Steve W2ZBY

PS--My book that Xlibris is publishing is "LOW, LOW TIDE & Collected
Stories"--a novella about adventure in the Florida Keys, plus about 20
short stories. Ham radio plays a significant role in the title story and
one of the others. BUT THIS IS NOT A KIDDIE BOOK.; it's serious literary
fiction. It's listed for sale now on Amazon.com--the online bookstore.

PS to K1ZZ & WB8IMY:  Would ARRL be interesting in re-publishing an
edition of GE HAM NEWS? If not, do either of you have any suggestions? 73

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