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Re: Field Day


There will be hundreds of NEWBEES trying Satellites at FD this year:

  1) Operating a rig at a table and a handheld antenna trivializes the
     entire station. 
  2) The Kenwood THD7 HT can receive 9 satellites with nothing but a 3
     element UHF beam or rubber duck in front of a piece of chicken wire.

We newbees need a definitive list of what satellites are in what modes.
I know it is published in a variety of places, but many show many modes.
We need a "regular" to give us newbees a definitive LIST for this 
weekend.  Here is what I have gleaned from the literature, but I am 
unsure of the RS13 and all the new birds modes...

SAT  UPlink         DWNlink       MODE            RCV XMT
---- -------------  ------------- --------------  --- ---
AO10 435.03-435.18  145.81-145.98 SSB
AO27 145.85 FM      436.800 FM                    YES YES!
FO20 435.795 SSB    145.90-146.00 SSB
FO29 435.795 SSB    145.90-146.00 SSB             
RS13 ??             ??                            ??  ??
RS15 145.86-145.90  29.354-29.394 SSB                 
AO16 2m PACSAT      437.051       9600 FSK        YES 
UO22 2m PACSAT      435.120       9600 FSK        YES 
TO31 2m PACSAT      436.925       9600 FSK        YES 
GO32 2m PACSAT      435.325       9600 FSK        TES 
SO33 2m PACSAT      437.850??     9600 FSK        YES 
SO35 2m PACSAT      436.300       9600 AFSK ???   YES 
UO36 2m PACSAT      437.400       9600 FSK        YES 

LO19 2m 1200 baud   437.153       1200 PSK        detect carrier
IO26 2m 1200 baud   ?           
SO35 2m 1200 baud   436.300       1200 PSK ???    detect carrier

MIR  145.985        145.985       AFSK            YES YES!

Can someone clean up this list and repost.  Thanks.


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