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Comet GP-9

Hello All,

This is not exactly on topic, but not long ago there was some discussion
here on lightning strike prevention.
I live near the Louisiana Gulf Coast, and have real concerns about taking a
lightning hit.  I'm wanting to put an antenna at the top of my tower which
is 83'.

Does anyone know if the Comet GP-9 is DC grounded?  Is there anyone out
there with real life experience with a GP-9 in lightning land?  Comet says
this vertical has "lightning protection"  whatever that means.

My tower and guys are well grounded, but the last thing I need is a
lightning "magnet" on top!  Grounding is Polyphaser style on the tower and
feedline entry bulkhead.  Hardline grounded near tower top, bottom and entry


Alan - WB5FKH


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