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P3-D rollout

AMSAT P3-D "rollout"

A team of experts and builders of the various transponders of the AMSAT
P3-D satellite arrived from Europe, which includes Matjaz Vidmar S53MV,
Mirek Kasal OK2AQK, Michael Fletcher OH2AUE, Wilfried Gladisch, Peter
Gülzow DB2OS, Werner Haas DJ5KQ and Karl Meinzer DJ4ZC. Only Mirek's
luggage did not make it and is lost somewhere over the ocean. After
testing and calibration of the antennas, which were mostly build by Stan

Wood WA4NFY and Freddy de Guchteneire ON6UG, they were mounted to the
spacecraft for the "rollout" when P3-D was transported outside for
an "on air" test in full flight configuration. The spacecraft is
protected from the Florida environment by a big sealed tent. After a
exciting few days of testing, the RF communications manager Werner Haas,

DJ5KQ was happy to report to the Project Leader Dr. Karl Meinzer DJ4ZC
the successful completion of the rollout and that all RF subsystems in
the P3-D spacecraft worked nominally.

Another big event was the successful testing of the 400N thruster from
MBB and the 100mN ATOS Arcjet developed by the University of Stuttgart
(Germany) with pressurizing of the whole propulsion system and fuel
tanks. The test firing using Nitrogen gas was performed by Dick Daniels
W4PUJ, Rick Leon KA1RHL, Karl Meinzer DJ4ZC and Peter Gülzow DB2OS.

The next milestones are the Spin Balance test and the Vibration test,
before the spacecraft will be soon transported to the launch site. The
vibration test could not be done earlier, since we had to wait for the
final specification of the static and dynamic loads by the launcher

The P3D Team
Lou McFadin W5DID
P3D Integration Manager

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