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Re: Explain TEPR please

Chuck wrote: Current AO-27 TEPR values are: TEPR 4: 42
                                            TEPR 5: 78

At 09:56 AM 6/21/1999 -0400, Steve KA1LM wrote:

>Amateur TX-on (TEPR 4) starts 24 (42/2 = 21 sic, Long) minutes after
eclipse >end; Amateur >TX-off (TEPR 5) is at 39 minutes after eclipse end;
total time->on is 15 minutes (78-42)/2 = 18 sic, Long).
>The TEPR "units" of time are 30-second increments, not minutes.
Is the above correct? Just to show how hard it is to get good information,
here are two items quoted from the amsat.org web site and its ao-27 links.

1. "AO-27 is available on all daylight passes over the Northern Hemisphere.
 The "TEPR" states describe the time in minutes from when the spaceraft
enters and then leaves eclipse.  The current schedule has the TX off during
TEPR period/state "4", which is the one after the satellite exits eclipse.
The TX is on for TEPR 5.  So if the schedule is 

 TEPR 4 12.5 minutes 
 TEPR 5 18 minutes (not current numbers, just an example) 

Then the amateur TX is on for a total of 18 minutes from 12.5 minutes after
the satellite exits eclipse until 30.5 minutes after end of eclipse."

(This says nothing about 30 second increments. When this so-called example
was written were the TEPR states really 25 and 36? Ron Long)

2. "The repeater is operational from when the satellite's footprint hits 38
degrees North latitude until it leaves about 37 degrees North latitude
during the daylight only. The repeater may be activated on an ad-hoc basis
during evening passes on weekends and weekdays."

I assume this is no longer true.

Finally I notice that at the present time the time of the ascending node
and the end of eclipse time are about the same. This is probably only an
artifact of the season?

ron w8gus.

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